We offer Best investment in Islamabad City

We offer Best investment in Islamabad City

مین شہر اسلام آباد میں بہترین انویسمنٹ


Zyro Marketing offers you the best investment in the main city of  Islamabad. It is an ideal location  save and fruitful  investment for a long / short time. It is a project of the Federal Government Housing Authority & Supreme Court Bar Association located at Main Park road Islamabad. This project is being designed and consulted by NESPAK Pvt.Ltd. The Name of the project is Park Road Housing Scheme Islamabad. This project is adjacent with the CDA project Park Enclave Islamabad in front of COMSAT University. 


In 2015 the Supreme Court ordered the Housing Authority to acquire the land  in Moza Tamma and Moryain for the Housing Scheme Phase X ( Park Road Housing Scheme). The Housing Authority acquired the land for around 8380.30 kanals. In this project FGEHA and SCBAP are the partners and both parties are 50% share. NESPAK is the consultant and designer of this project.


Master Plan 

The Master Plan of Park road housing scheme is 8380.30 kanal. The Master plan are designed by NESPAK Ptv.Ltd. There are 3 types of the plots cutting 10 marla 12 marla and one kanal total number of plots is 4781

Park road 1


We recommend this is the best investment for those persons who miss the Park Enclave Islamabad. If we check the rates of   Park Enclave one kanal price is very high.

Park Enclave Rates

The Park Road housing scheme is under development when the development completes the prices of the one kanal plots above the 50 million and the 10 marla across the 25 millions.

Park Road Rates

This is time to invest because the 10 marla plots price are 13 millions to 15 millions and 12 marla start 16 million to 18 million one kanal price start 18.5 million to 19.5 millions depending on location and plot number


The total distance from main areas of Islamabad like a Blue Area , Zero Point , 10 to 15 minutes drive to Park Road Housing Scheme.

This is a project of Federal Government Housing Authority and Supreme Court Bar Association Pakistan both parties are well-known departments in Pakistan.

You can booked your plot with the plot numbers and location, it your choice


Further details Please contact us the following numbers.

03341402213 , 03173179976

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