Top Area Of Good investing In DHA Islamabad

Top Area Of Good investing In DHA Islamabad
  • Introduction
  • Areas for Investing
  • Development Satiation
  • Time For The investment
  • Market Rates Of These areas
  • Return Of The investments at Sale
  • Conclusion


Good investing In DHA (Defense Housing Authority) Islamabad is a prosperous residential housing society located in Islamabad / Rawalpindi metropolitan area of Pakistan. DHA Islamabad/ Rawalpindi is divided into 7th Phases. It straddles the Punjab regional border. It was established for the military personnel in 1992, under the Pakistan Armed Forces Welfare Department. Now the civilians and military families reside there. DHA Islamabad serves as one of the posh residential areas to the twin cities Islamabad/ Rawalpindi.


Good investing In DHA
  • DHA Phase I
  • DHA Phase II
  • DHA Phase III
  • DHA Phase IV
  • DHA Phase V
  • DHA Phase VI
  • DHA Phase VII
  • DHA Phase VIII ( coming)

Areas for Good investing In DHA

In DHA Islamabad all Phases are best for investment, however it depends on every person’s requirement and choice. If any person builds a house within 2 or 3 months, then invest in these Phases in DHA (2,3,5). DHA Phase 2 is totally developed and all amenities are available there. In DHA 3,5 starting blocks are totally developed and back blocks are underdeveloped, maybe 1 and a half years. These blocks are best for the short time minimum 1 to 2 years .

Development Satiation

DHA Islamabad Phase IV (Phase I Extension) is underdevelopment Block A,B,C,D are 80% complete, Other blocks development work is continuing, these block prices are very high within a few months. Its ideal location is attached with the Bahria town 7 overseas Blocks and a heighted area best for building a house and investment.

DHA Phase 6 ( Phase II Extension), In 2019 to 21 DHA Islamabad balloted the DHA Phase 2 Ext files and launched a new Phase VI. It is located in Zone 5 back of DHA Phase 5 and attached with DHA Phase VII (DHA Valley Islamabad). This Phase is also underdevelopment 40 to 60% work is complete there. It is best for long term investment, maybe it takes 2 to 3 years for the completion.

DHA Phase VII ( DHA Valley) is a low budget project launched in 2008, for a long time it is in litigation. In 2019 DHA Islamabad will start the reblotting process and development work. It is also best for those people who have a low budget around 2 million to 5 millions of 5 marla and 4 millions to 7 million for 8 marla. DHA Valley is also a long investment, maybe it will take time 2 to 3 years for the completion.

Time For Good investing In DHA

DHA Phase 5 back blocks are underdevelopment within a few months development will complete. And DHA Phase 3 Block A, B are developed. But back blocks are under development within 1 to 2 years development will complete.
DHA Phase IV first 4 blocks 80% work are complete; these are handover within a few months , But back blocks are underdevelopment , it takes time around 2 to 3 years. 
 DHA Phase VI ( Phase II Extension) Block A is total development, other blocks B , C are 40 to 60% developed, Land cutting and Main road are complete , It will take next 2 to 3 years for the completion.
DHA Phase VII ( DHA Valley) first 5 blocks Blue Bell , Magnolia , Rose, Daffodils and DHA homes are 60 % complete. In Blue Bell Block DHA gives the possession latter to the member, Other blocks will complete in the next 2 years. In DHA Homes around 1500 houses are complete and possession people live there.

Market Rates Of These areas

DHA Phases Residential Plots Price
IOne kanal Plot will be start 25 millions to 40 millions
Ten marla Plots will start 17 millions to 25 millions
IIOne Kanal Plot will be start 25 millions to 40 millions
Ten Marla Plots will be start 17 millions to 22 millions
IIIOne kanal plot will be start 22 millions to 35 millions
Ten Marla plot will be start 13 millions to 18 millions
Five Marla plot will be start 5 millions to 8 millions
IV One kanal plot will be start 20 millions to 25 millions
Files kanal plot will be start 8 million to 12 millions
V One kanal Develop start 22 millions to 30 /35 millions
Ten Marla plot will start 13 millions to 18 millions
Five Marla plot will start 6.5 millions to 8.5 millions
VI One kanal will be start 14 millions to 17 millions

(DHA Valley)
8 Marla balloted will start to 5 million to 7 millions
5 Marla balloted will start to 3.5 millions to 4.5 millions
8 Marla Non balloted file 3 million to 3.5 millions
5 Marla Non balloted file 2 million to 2.5 millions
Note:-Rates are up and down at station market
Prices DHA Isb

Return Of The investments

DHA Islamabad all Phases are best for the investment , there is zero percent risk of loss and profit is 100%. In 2015 DHA Phase 5 one kanal plots price started 10 millions to 15 millions. But now these are 100 times up, Same DHA phase 2 best location plot will start 12 millions to 15 millions.

DHA II extension one kanal price is 3 million to 4 millions in 2015, when these are balloted the price will be 14 millions to 17 millions. Same station in DHA Valley 5 marla file price in 2015 just 6 lacs and 8 marla 8.5 lacs


DHA Islamabad all projects are profitable projects and squire your investment with 100% profit. If any person earns the best profit , we recommend that, they invest in underdevelopment projects. First DHA Phase III back blocks , 2nd DHA Phase VI. Third is DHA Phase VII ( DHA Valley) Balloted or Non Balloted plots.


  1. If you invest in an under-developed area your capital investment is minimal. You can purchase the good options like corner , main roads, Park facing etc.
  2. Investing in commercial property because the commercial property return is 200% within a few years. And waiting till the possession
  3. Develop and possession area is also the best investment. But if you are a builder, Build the house or plaza then sell or rent, its return is fruitful.

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