Real Estate Business 2021

Real Estate Business 2021

Pakistan real estate industry has experienced ,because the people are interested to investing in real estate sector.The new housing societies in Pakistan give the different idea and new structure to the people. The real estate properties host high rise buildings and beautiful infrastructure. Many housing town have been transformed into amazing societies. These societies host huge residential / commercial plots and provide various facilities to the residents.
The trend of investing in the properties of leading cities of Pakistan ,Karachi ,Lahore ,Islamabad ,Rawalpindi have major technological advancements. Due to new upgraded technology and modern constriction housing societies have attracted a lot of people. The People have start to invest in real estate business and particular industry of Pakistan has started to grow.

Real Estate Sector 2021

In 2020 real estate industry of Pakistan in emerging rapidly, the current year witnessed major downfall in terms of economic condition. Covid 19 greatly impacted all the industrial sectors Pakistan. All this real estate investments were still made in Pakistan. It was low interest rate opportunity for the investors, therefore they invested in housing schemes and properties.
End of 2020 we look forward the new year. Every one hoping and prayer best for the current year. The real estate expert that 2021 will bring the new investment in Pakistan. The people have seen increase in the value of plots over the years. Return on investment is very high after 4 to 5 years on investment. All these factors are attracting the investors and the real estate industry will certainly grow in Pakistan. Mostly people will like to investing in new coming projects.

People Interest in Investment

  • People tend to observe the economic conditions very closely before the investing in any sector. Interest rate, Government policies and taxation rules greatly impact at investment decisions.
  • Location of property is also taken into account , a person aims at a successful venture while investing, he must closely study the geographic and strategic importance of the Location. Because the best location of town will increase the value of your property.
  • Latest housing project are preferred by the investors, Because the Latest housing projects are built with latest ideas and technology and best return.
  • Important factor people tend to take into account is the total area and layout of the project , Spacious areas with load of facilities definitely attracts the investors.

Best Investment In Rawalpindi

In Rawalpindi few housing projects which called the best projects , 1st Bahria town Phase 1 to 8, but its total develop and this time no project at instalment, maybe next year Bahria town launched new blocks near the Ring Road.
One of the upcoming housing project, in Rawalpindi is Rudn Enclave. This housing project is a hot investment in Rawalpindi. The overall worth of this project is expected to increase in coming days. This project is designed NES-PAK and own By RMRSCO Pvt Ltd.


The location of housing project plays a vital role and the investors choose the best location for the investments. Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is located at very hot location in Rawalpindi. It is located at main Adyala Road / Ring Road Rawalpindi. Its one side Army Jarar Camp and other side attached with AWT Land. Its easily accessible through various routes of the city.

Area and Layout

Attracts for the investors is total of the project , Because spacious area always holds greater value.
• Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is stretched over a huge area of around 20 to 30 thousands kanals. This area is beautifully planned by NES-PAK. This housing project is residential and commercial plots. The layout has been designed in a convenient way for the future residents. Executive Block which is the model block of Rudn Enclave. The Developer decided that within 2 years develop the Executive Block.

Development work and Booking

Development on site is progressing smoothly. Around 20% work are already completed, the developer aim to complete rest of the work soon. The increasing rate and value of properties Rudn Enclave become a best choice of the investors in 2021. Booking of the residential and commercial and farm houses plot are open. You can booked the plots at easy instalment plan.

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