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Dha phase 6
Dha phase 6


DHA Phase 6 Islamabad‘s old name is DHA Phase II Extension and was launched in 2005 . DHA Phase II Extension was at 55000 kanals land located in Zone 5 at Islamabad Expressway. The DHA Islamabad has divided this land in different Phases 5,6. After the re-designing of overseas blocks of DHA Valley and DHA Express , The contract for the development of Phase VI ( Ph II ex ) started in progress. The master plan are design by world renowned town planning company OJRM Los Angeles USA.


On 20 June 2009 DHA Islamabad mobilized the massive equipment and resources worth 4.5 billions for the development of DHA Phase VI. And has established an onside office for the supervised development work faster .According to new design Phase VI ( Phase- II Ext) has divided in 4 blocks ( A, B,C,D ) and exacting the allotments will be adjusted through the balloting.

DHA Phase 6 Balloting

On 6th May 2019 DHA Islamabad balloted the Phase 2 Extension files and allotted the new plot numbers and blocks .And lunched a new Map of Sector A .In 07 Oct- 21 DHA Islamabad re-balloted the Phase 2 extension file and allotted the new numbers and blocks C1 , C2,C3,B3,B3 Ex. DHA Islamabad has balloted these plots in 2 phases: first time 1158 plots and 2nd time 1690 plots.

DHA Phase 6 Location

DHA Phase 6 Islamabad is located in Zone 5 Islamabad adjacent with DHA Phase 5 Islamabad. The project is connected to Islamabad Express way by six lines of DHA Expressway which is through the major Phases of DHA Islamabad/ Rawalpindi.


DHA Phase 6 Sector A

DHA Phase 6 Islamabad Sector A is ideal location at DHA Express way. In this Sector plots cutting is 50×90 and limited plots of 60×75. It is adjacent with the DHA Phase 5 Sector H.

DHA PHASE II SEC A Ballot 18 04 19 Model page 001 scaled 1

Sectors B &C

DHA Phase 6 Islamabad sectors B & C are divided in Sub sectors B 1,B 2 , B 3 and same in C 1 , C 2, C 3. These all blocks are connected with the DHA Express way. By location these blocks are attached with the DHA Phase 7 (DHA valley) Blue Bell block. This area are under the development. There are no litigation all land are clear.

p6 map

Amenities & facilities

DHA Phase 6 Islamabad is futuristic and modern which fulfills all needs of luxury lifestyle. The housing society is gate community 24/ hours monitoring security , make sure that your safety is never imperil. The society will provided 24 hours necessities needs water, Gas, electricity. facilities & amenities are following :-

Gate Community:- DHA Islamabad all Phases are design by modern and luxury lifestyle, All projects are gate community and secure 24 hours.

Commercial Area:- DHA Islamabad also established the commercial area for their residents, Shopping Malls , Mini Markets are available at walking distance.

Grand Masque :- The developer designed in all sectors Grand Masque for their residents.

Health facilities:- In DHA Islamabad are build are health centers all sectors for their residents. In these health center 24 hours doctors and medical staff are available.

Educational Area:-Education is a necessity to live a modern life. The developer kept a large amount of land at international school system and education complex’s.

Water Supply :- The developer provide the 24 hours water to their residents ,

Salience features:- Following are some salience features in DHA Islamabad:-

  1. Masjid
  2. Parks
  3. Play area
  4. Hospitals
  5. Electricity
  6. Gas
  7. water
  8. Golf
  9. Zoo
  10. Security
  11. School
  12. Shopping centers
  13. Gate Communities
  14. Power Backup
  15. Jim Clubs
  16. Maintenance
  17. Sewerage System
  18. Beautiful Gates
  19. Bondry Wall
  20. Underground Eclectic


DHA Phase 6 is a project of Defense Housing Authority Islamabad, Its planning and designing is modern and luxuries life style. The all necessity needs are available at door step, residents are live a peaceful life.

For Investment:- DHA Islamabad all projects are best for the investment propose, But this time DHA Phase 6 is the best investment because , the project is under development 60% area are develop this time. And prices of the plots are down now the time to buy / Invest in residential & commercial plots. When the development are complete the prices are up all area.

Prices :-

Today 24-7-22 the price of one kanal residential are start 15 millions to 17 millions. After 6th months to one year its price are across the 20 millions. This a time to invest in Phase 6 balloted plots.

Further details sale / purchase contact us our numbers

Map Of DHA Phase VI

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