DHA Islamabad



DHA Islamabad is a ideal location in twin cities Islamabad / Rawalpindi. A place built to equal the most exceptional cities in terms of infrastructure design and urban planning. DHA Islamabad offers residential and commercial with a host of contemporary civic amenities to meet your aspirations and lifestyles. At the same time DHA Islamabad is also offering a unique and comprehensive value with a significant and credible hub for smart investments and businesses. Future belongs to those believe in the beauty of their dreams.

DHA Credibility, communities and customer satisfaction are the heart of every thing we do. We understand that it takes to create a unique suburban and business space with all comforts amenities. We carry a proud privilege of growing and expanding at a phenomenal pace, with synergized professional acumen of our team members, partners and affiliates.


Our Vision

DHA Islamabad / Rawalpindi have a vision of changing the face of living concepts in Pakistan through a holistic yet progressive concept of “DHA Community System ” by extending a total experience in living , housing and different levels. And give the options for investments and commercial activities under a controlled and dependable environment.



DHA Phase 1

DHA Phase – 1 was launched in May 1992 by the Defense Housing Authority. DHA Phase 1 is situated in the peaceful and scenic loop of Soan River near the GT Road Rawalpindi. Its area is approximately 11000 kanal. DHA Phase 1 is divided in 6 sectors A,B,C,D,E,F holds over the 3100 residential plots. All sectors are fully developed with all facilities for your principal and leisure needs. Major facilities include the Avicenna medical Centre, Roots School , Defense Park and market, Masjid, Shopping Mall, Zoo etc.. DHA envisions to provide a comfortable living experience to all its residents.


DHA Islamabad Phase 2

DHA Islamabad Phase 2 is located at the famous Kahuta Triangle Islamabad with one side abutting Islamabad Highway and the other GT Road. The project dates back almost 2.5 decades as it was launched in February 1994 and even today, It is regarded as one of the prime residential communities in Pakistan.




DHA Phase 2 is located in Zone V of Islamabad is one of the attractive sector in comparison to other Phases. DHA Phase 2 is fully develop with all amenities. Its total 9 sectors form sector A ,B ,C ,D ,E, F, G, H, J. DHA Phase 2 gate 1 to 5 at GT Road and 6 to 8 are at Islamabad Express way.

Its neighboring societies include Zaraj Housing Society, DHA Phase 3 in it South, Canyon Views on its west. And Bahria Intellectual village and Army officers Colony in its East , Bahria Town 4 , Soan Gardens , PWD ,River Gardens, Media Town in North.




DHA Phase 2 is fully develop all major amenities are available, Park , Masjid , commercials, Shopping Mall, School, etc..



DHA Phase 3

DHA Islamabad Phase 3 was previously well known as Serene City Islamabad. Serene City was completely acquired in 2016 by DHA & known as DHA Phase 3. Spanning over 3500 kanals which has fully developed. Stretch your imagination to fill on your address at DHA Phase III. Its grand landscapes are a full delight and its proximity to major schools, hospitals, banks, shopping mall , restaurants , and cineplexes.




DHA Phase 3 is located at the heart of enchanting Potohar Region. Its main gate is at GT Road front of World Trade Center one side Zaraj Housing Society back side Bahria town phase 8.




DHA Phase 4

DHA Phase 4 old name of DHA Phase 1 Extension. DHA Phase 4 is under development along a road that connects it to DHA Phase 1 towards North. DHA acquired the 4000 kanal for DHA Phase 4 and divided different blocks A to M,.. DHA Phase 4 will feature advanced infrastructure and essential services i.e. health centers, mosques, electric grid stations and treatment plants. Residents of DHA – 4 will enjoy all facilities offered by DHA.



DHA Phase 5

DHA Phase 5 old name of X Commoners Town .It was the land of Commoners Town which was the project of Al Huda Associates. DHA purchased all land from the Commoners Town management and made the part of Phase 2 Ext, 5 block K,L,M,N,P. In 2018 DHA extend the area and change the name DHA Phase 5 Islamabad. Its total land is 7000 kanals and divided in 7 sectors A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H. Around 200 houses are built and 180 are under construction. DHA Phase 5 is 80% develop all amenities are available, commercial , park, Masjid, etc..




DHA Phase 5 is located at Islamabad Express way in Zone V front of DHA Phase 2 gate 7. It is ideal location direct access from Islamabad Express Way.



DHA Phase 6

In May 2019 DHA Islamabad change the name of DHA 2 Extension as DHA Phase 6 and reblotted a large number of files Phase 2 Extension. DHA Phase 6 is divided in 4 main sectors A,B,C,D. DHA Phase 6 is under development, It take time to complete develop. This is time to invest in this phase.



DHA Phase 6 is located in Zone V Islamabad after the DHA Phase 5 . Its 4.5 km total distance from Islamabad Express Way . Its one side is DHA Phase 5 and other side is DHA Valley


DHA Valley ( Phase 7 )

DHA Valley Islamabad is launched in 2008. It is project of Joint Venture of Bahria town and DHA Islamabad. There are 5/8 marla residential plots , homes and 4/8 marla commercial plots. DHA Valley contain 20 blocks which are on different name and location. It is under development area. It take time to develop because after 13 years its 20 % area are develop. It is best investment opportunity for loo budget person.




DHA Valley is adjacent to DHA Phase II Extension one side other side Kaler Syedan Road. Its propose way is DHA Express way but this time people use the Kaler Syedan Road.

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