Best Investment Opportunities At M2 Islamabad

Best Investment Opportunities At M2 Islamabad

اسلام آباد – لاہور موٹروے

In the following blog we are discussing the housing project on the M2 motorway (Islamabad – Lahore) motorway in Islamabad zone. There are many housing projects on the Islamabad Motorway but we discuss the nearest to Islamabad. If we start from the Toll plaza of Islamabad there are 5 mega housing project which are mostly develop and possession Top City , Mumtaz city , Airport Green Garden , other side Eighteen Islamabad, University town Islamabad. These are 70% to 80%  develop and possession Top City , Mumtaz City are fully develop and people are living there , Airport Green Garden is 70% develop but people are not living there , Eighteen Islamabad is most luxurious project in Islamabad under development. 

Thalian Interchange 

اسلام آباد ائرپورٹ انٹرچینج 

When we trivial the Islamabad to Lahore by motorway after 5 to 7 km we reached the Thalian Interchange or Islamabad Airport Interchange. Its also nearest the Islamabad/ Rawalpindi , There are  3 new mega housing projects which are launching soon. Fasil Town Phase 2Multi Garden Phase 2, Islamabad Pearl Enclave 

Fasil Town Phase 2

فیصل ٹاؤن فیز 2

Fasil Town Phase 1 is a first  project of ZEDEM International which are develop on time after the success of Phase 1 the develop launched the Phase 2 near the Islamabad Airport Interchange. Its location is ideal at Thalian Interchange. The ZEDEM purchase the 40 to 50 kanals of the lands then launched the project. The developer launched the project reasonable price at 4.5 years easy installment plan. The Cutting of plots are available. Fasil town Phase 2  access is direct linked thalian interchange , 2nd access Chakri road. Its best investment for long time 

Multi Garden Phase 2 

ملٹی گارڈن فیز 2 

After the success of Multi Garden B-17 Islamabad. MPCHS has launched the Multi Garden Phase 2 near the Thalian Interchange at Chakri Road Rawalpindi. Its is also a best and save investment for long time. If we read the history of MPCHS they deliver the projects at time. The Multi Garden Phase 2 offer 5 years easy installment plan to there costumers. Multi Garden Phase direct linked with the Airport Interchange and 2nd access at chakri road rawalpindi. Multi garden Phase 2 is ideal investment for the low income person.

Islamabad Pearl Enclave

 اسلام آباد پرل انکلیو 

Islamabad Pearl Enclave is new coming project on the  M2 motor way near the Thalian Interchange Islamabad. It is a project of D-Hight Group. The project are at prime location on the M2 motor way , Islamabad Pearl Enclave has 2 access one is from the Thalian Interchange and 2nd access is the Smart City Interchange. Islamabad Pearl Enclave has acquire the 10000 kanal total of the land , Its 1st Phase launched at 2500 kanal with the plot number. Islamabad Pearl Enclave offer 3 years easy installment plan with in-home insurance. Booking will be start 20% down-payment. Islamabad Pearl Enclave is best investment and ideal location in Center of Fasil town 2 and Capital Smart City. If we compare the rates of other two projects the Islamabad pearl enclave offer low rates with the location or plots number. This land under the TMA Fatah Jang not under the RDA. We hope NOC will be approved very soon. 

Smart City Interchange

کپیٹل سمارٹ سٹی 

Capital smart city is a project of HRL Pvt.Ltd. It was launched in 2016 with a  year’s easy installment plan. The planning of the project is 50 thousands to 60 thousands kanals. The development work of the Smart city is 50% complete, some blocks are ready for the possession. CSC is the first project in Islamabad which introduces the smart city features. The location of the project ideal on the M2 Motorway. Capital Smart City is the first project which has its own Interchange. The Interchange is almost complete and in the next few weeks it will be open. There are two projects which are direct access to Smart City Interchange 1 CSC and Islamabad Pearl Enclave. 

Chakri Interchange 

چکری انٹر چینج 

At the Chakri Interchange there are many projects near the Chakri Interchange Blue World City , Kingdom Valley ,Qurtba City , Avolan City Abdula Town,  Mivida City . These all project are low cast housing scheme mostly projects are approved by Naya Pakistan Housing. These projects are best for the long time investing.

Over View

This is the best time to investment of this area, after few years this area become a new Islamabad. Every project has the best feature and different prices of the plots. Its depends on the you which you like and what is your budget. All project are best for the long time investment. If you require any information about any project Zyro Marketing provide you full service. Further detail and sale / Purchase please contact us the following numbers.

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