Best Invest In FGEHA Islamabad

Best Invest In FGEHA Islamabad


Federal Government Employees Housing Authority has cerate a new sector G/15-3 in Zone 1 Islamabad. It is ideal location near the Suri Nagger High way and Taxila Road. It is attached with the G-14/2 Islamabad. Its lay out plan approved in September 2020 at 530.72 kanals. The plots size is just 525×50 Sq yards and total number of plots is 1120. These plots are allotted against the land of G-14 village.


It is ideal location of Sector G/15-3 Islamabad. Its total distance for Suri Nagger High Way is 1.5 km and attached with Peshawar High way. Please check the flowing lay out plan:-


In Sector G/15-3 Islamabad total plots is 1120 and 1031 number of plots are 25/50 (139 Sq- Yards) and odd size is 89 plots.


FGEHA Islamabad is provided the all amenities like Masjid, Parks, Markets, Schools, water, Electricity, Gas, etc..

Development/ Land

Sector G/15-3 Islamabad land are clear there no litigation. FGEHA Islamabad are start the development at the side. 80% land cutting are complete. The under- ground pipe line and road carpeting are start the side.

Market Rates

The Rates of this Sector are low this time. It is time to invest in this area. If we check the rates of G/14-1 five marla plots price is 70 to 80 lacs depends on location. Sector G/14-1 is totally litigation area. And the Sector G/15-3 is totally clear there are no villages or other litigation. And development is start 80% cutting is complete. The plots market rate are start 80 lacs to 1 cor depends on location.


Zyro Marketing opinion is the investment in Sector G/15-3 is best for future. If we compare the rate of develop area of G/14 are very high rates. This time the develop 5 marla plot in G/14 are start 2.25 cor to 2.50. And the litigation area of G/14-1 rate is 70 to 80 lacs may be, it will be clear with in 5 to 10 years. But Sector G/15-3 is clear and it will be deliver with in one to two years. The rate of G/15-3 are start 80 lac to 1 cor this time.

If we check the accuses of Sctor G/15-3 Islamabad is very easy. The accuses of Sector G/15-3 are two one from the Peshawar high way and 2nd is Suri Nagger High way.

It is best time that person who are interested to invest in FGEHA sectors. Don’t wast your time and money in other projects within few months your investment will be double.

If you are buying this area Please contact us the flowing Number :-03341402213,03315985713

G/15-3 development

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