Best CDA Sectors For Investment In Islamabad

Best CDA Sectors For Investment In Islamabad

In this blog, we have shortlisted some of the best CDA sectors for investing in Islamabad but most importantly, let’s take a look at why invest in CDA sectors in Islamabad. Is profitable?

CDA plays a key role in Pakistan’s real estate affairs by planning and launching new sectors in Islamabad and maintaining uniformity in capital development and planning. According to the CDA Ordinance 1960, it has the authority to manage the Islamabad Capital Territory and is also responsible for enforcing construction laws, NOCs, and capital planning. And consistency.

  • CDA has a better reputation than private developers.
  • The CDA sector is part of Islamabad’s master plan with modern infrastructure.
  • Investment in CDA sectors is considered safe, with no possibility of fraud or trespassing.
  • Payments and transactions are made with government agencies.

Islamabad has developed effectively in recent years. Pictures of Syedpur’s aesthetic village and lush green grass surrounded by mountains show how Islamabad has evolved strategically over the years. CDA played a key role in the planning and development of the city.

While most private societies are located around the capital, the CDA the sectors are located in Central Islamabad which adds to the importance of investing in CDA sectors where all facilities are readily available for its residents.

Furthermore, the rate of return is higher because the allocation is limited. Private schemes attract clients to register and sell property as required. In general, oversupply and falling demand will ultimately affect revenue.

A few reasons to invest in CDA sectors

Return on investment

The CDA offers a small number of plots at relatively low prices for private interest, which attracts many potential applicants, causing prices to rise faster than any other housing scheme.


Another important factor is location, as CDA sets up housing schemes or sectors in central Islamabad, where most people want to live. On the other hand, other private housing schemes are located far from the city center of Islamabad.

The element of trust

The third factor is trust, as many people are reluctant to trust private developers because of the risks involved, but the CDA represents the government, which is respected. There are benefits to investing in CDA sectors. There are also some flaws to consider, which have plagued a large number of people over the years.

The pace of development

CDA takes a long time to grow the market. In other cases, people have been waiting for more than 15 years, but very little has happened. Although prices have risen sharply over the years, those who want to grow their home have no choice but to wait. Residents who refuse to hand over their land to the CDA for construction are the main reason for the delay.

Development standards

 Another disadvantage of CDA is poor production quality. Comparing the development needs of CDA with DHA, Navy, and MPCHS, CDA will undoubtedly remain low.

We have compiled a list of undeveloped CDA sectors that may be worth investing in the medium to long term.

  • C-15 Sector
  • C-16 Sector
  • E-12 Sector
  • G-14 Sector
  • I-11 Sector
  • I-12 Sector
  • I-14 Sector
  • I-15 Sector
  • I-16 Sector

E-12 Sector

E-12 is located near Golra Sharif shrine. Although it is associated with one of the most sought after and developed sectors, it is E-11. There is a problem of encroachment and disruption from the shrine area in this area.

Depending on the size and area of ​​the plot in the area, prices range from 3 million to 20 million.

This is a long shot. You want to invest and forget about it for ten years. It will definitely return when it is ready and ready to take over.

As a result, we can come to the following conclusion:

  • The location is ideal.
  • Expected profits are higher.
  • The growth rate is long.
  • The standard of development is not yet known.
  • Long-term investment opportunity
Tender e 12
Tender e 12
E 12 map
E 12 map

I-12 Sector

Sector I-12 is located behind Nust University. This sector has also been waiting for development for many years but no construction has started yet. The CDA has approved PC-1 for development work in I-12, and more plots have been added to the area, relocating victims in Sector I-14 and E-12.

Since many of the victims have been relocated to Sector I-12, there is a price difference between the plots owned by the victims and the plots sold and relocated earlier. This is referred to as the first transfer and the second transfer, the files of the first transfer belong to the victim and additional procedures are required to obtain the transfer, as a result of which the cost of these files is reduced. The second transfer files are owned by ordinary investors who bought them from the market and transferred them in their own name. As such, these files do not require any special procedures and are relatively inexpensive. Typically, a five-marla plot costs between Rs 25 lakh and Rs 35 lakh, while an eight-marla plot costs between Rs 38 lakh and Rs 50 lakh. Due to differences in location and category, prices may vary slightly.

The I-12 is in a great location, and the area around Nust Road – which runs from I-11 to Nust University – is very expensive and in high demand. A layout plan has been prepared, and a development tender should be issued soon. Prices in I-12 could more than double once development work begins. As a result, it is the best CDA sector for investing with high interest rates.

As a result, we can come to the following conclusion:

  • The location is ideal.
  • Financial standards are low.
  • Expected profits are higher.
  • The growth rate is long.
  • The standard of development is not yet known.
  • The ability to invest in the medium term.

Since funds have been allocated for the development of this sector, you do not have to wait for many years for progress. If you have a limited budget, consider investing 8 marlas in I-12/2 or 5 marlas in I-12/3. This location has the potential to return more than double your investment once built.

I 12 tender
I 12 tender
i 12 map
i 12 map

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