Bahria Town Phase 8 Short time Investments

Bahria Town Phase 8 Short time Investments

Bahria town Phase 8 Execution

Bahria town Phase 8 Execution was launched in 2010 at 4 year easy instalment plan.Plots size are 5,7,10 marla and one kanal. Execution is divided in precincts 1 to 6. Its location is near the awami villas 3. This area is under development. After a few months  development is the start of Phase 8 Execution. It’s the best time to invest in Execution. Because these are just files with plot number and blocks.Phase 8 extension is the cheapest investment option in Bahria Town Phase 8, and prices are quite reasonable at present, phase 8 extension could be considered as a very good investment option for a period of 2+ years.

 Execution Is a  ideal location and investment for the future. This time the price of Execution is affordable for a low budget person. If we check the location of Execution , it’s near the Ring  Road Rawalpindi. When development of Ring Road will start the price will rise in this area.

This time market price of 5 marla 20 lac to 25 and 8 marla 30 to 35 lac 10 marla 40 to 45 lac and one kanal 55 lac 60 all dues clear

Bahria town Orchard

It is adjacent to Phase 8 sector F4,10 km away from Main GT road. Availability : Residential plots categories are 5 Marla 125 yards 8 Marla) and 10 Marla 250 yards) . Facilities . Park , commercial , school , Masjid Development work has already started and you can physically visit the location before you book your plot in Bahria Orchard Numbers of Plots size 5 marla are 2500. Total numbers of 8 marla plots are120 plots. and Total plots in kanal category are 365 plots . Total plots in Bahria orchard are 2800 plots. project completion 2 years

 Orchard Backside attached with the Phase 8  Execution. Block F4 & 5 are totally developed and people are starting to build houses in these blocks.

Bahria town Orchard 30% to 40% are developed and others are under development. Within one an half year all block will be developed. This area is best for those persons who invest for a short time.The price of Orchard 5 marla starts 30 lacs to 35 and 8 marla 40 to 45 10 marla 50 to 55 and one kanal will start 60 to 70 lacs of non development. The price of developing one kanal is 70 to 80 lacs.


These two areas are the best for investment in Bahria town phase 8 rawalpindi.

1. These areas are non development areas when developed prices will rise in this area. 

2. If we check the alignment  of ring road Rawalpindi. Its closure of the Execution and orchard and ring road is close to this area.

3. Know prices are affordable you can purchase in low budget 

Further Details and sale/ purchase please contact fowlling numbers

03341402213- 03173179976

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